The Rogue Ghost Podcast

Welcome to The Rogue Ghost Podcast, your gateway to the mysterious and enchanting realms of the AffinityVerse. Join us on a captivating journey where secrets unfurl, enigmas come to life, and the extraordinary awaits your discovery.

In the heart of the AffinityVerse, the Rogue Ghost emerges from the shadows, embarking on a quest like no other. Alongside the enigmatic Runeweaver, the Rogue Ghost embarks on an epic adventure to unravel the mystery surrounding the Last Christmas Door—a mythical portal concealed amidst 12 intricately concealed puzzle boxes. Within this labyrinth of enigmatic riddles lies the key to bridging the divide between realms and preserving the timeless magic of Christmas.

This podcast is your weekly rendezvous with the unexplained and the extraordinary. Every episode takes you deeper into the heart of the enigma as we strive to unveil the secrets of the AffinityVerse, one revelation at a time. Join this mystical journey, and let the Rogue Ghost and Runeweaver guide you through the enchanting tales that lie ahead.

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